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The Flight Night Back to School STEM Expo powered by Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance, Cox Media Group and the Tulsa State Fair is part science fair, part county fair, part career fair and all fun!
This hands-on, curiosity-driven event is created to ignite a love of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in middle school students.  The day will be filled with opportunities to learn and explore through live and interactive presentations as students make their way through a dozen uniquely themed zones.  Each zone will incorporate different industries that rely on STEM elements to be successful. 

Event Details:

Friday, September 14, 2018
Exchange Center at Expo Square
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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Maker Space Zone Sponsor



The STEM Shop is a space just for teachers who are looking for ideas to bring STEM lessons back into the classroom.  Teachers are invited to shop the area for ideas and materials and to meet with experts from the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance to learn more about how they can incorporate STEM elements into their lesson plans.  The STEM Shop is open to all educators from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Kinetic Building Competition

Fire up your competitive juices and get your class involved in the kinetic building competition.  Bring your structure to the event and the Tulsa State Fair judges will select a winner.  These buildings must be completed before arriving at the Back to School Expo.  

Main Stage Schedule

The Main Stage will have non-stop experiments, demonstrations and more.  Check back soon for a complete schedule and list of presenters.  

Touch A Truck

Head outside for a hands-on experience with some of the coolest trucks in Tulsa.

Main Stage Schedule

Speaking TimeGroupSpeaker
10:10a-10:20aWelcome – Major Sponsors/Organizers/Preview Steve SpanglerJames Aydelott/Xan Black
11:25aALL BUILDING ANNOUNCEMENT: Head to the stage for the Steve Spangler ShowLisa Burkman
10:25a-10:30aIntro Steve SpangerJames Aydelott
10:30a-11:00aXploration Station – Steve SpanglerSteve Spangler
11:00a – 11:15aSteve Spangler Show Cleanup /Conest Winner Announced/Intro Emily Spangler team/Fair Rep/James Aydelott
11:15aALL BUILDING ANNOUNCEMENT: Head to the stage for Emily CalandrelliLisa Burkman
11:15a – 11:45aXploration Stations – Emily CalandrelliEmily Calandrelli
11:45aALL BUILDING ANNOUNCEMENT: Head to the stage for Megan McClellanLisa Burkman
11:45a-12:15Introduce FOX23 Meteorologist: Megan McClellanJames Aydelott
12:20p-12:30pHead to your buses/sponsor thank you/come back laterXan Black
12:30p-12:45pFOX23 Meteorologist: Megan McClellanMegan McClellan
1:00pThank you for coming/show is closedJames Aydelott
1:00p – 2:00pBreak – Music 
2:15p-2:20pWelcome – Major Sponsors/Organizers/intro Emily CalandrelliMegan McClellan/Xan Black
2L25pALL BUILDING ANNOUNCEMENT: Head to the stage for Emily CalandrelliLisa Burkman
2:25p-2:55pXploration Station – Emily CalandrelliEmily Calandrelli
2:55p-3:00pAnnouncement: Rumble the Bison Mascot is here/Highlight zone attractionsMegan McClellan
3:00p-3:20pSteve Spangler stage set-upSteve Spangler
3:25pALL BUILDING ANNOUNCEMENT: Head to the stage for the Steve Spangler ShowLisa Burkman
3:25p-3:30pIntroduce Steve SpangerMegan McClellan
3:35-4:05pXploration Station – Steve SpanglerSteve Spangler
4:05p – 4:20pSteve Spangler Clean up/Intro Next SpeakerXan Black
4:20p-4:40FOX23 Meteorologist – Megan McClellanMegan McClellan
4:40p-5:00pFLEX TimeNA
5:00pThank you and goodbyeMegan McClellan
 Thunder Girls – 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM  
 Rumble the Bison Mascot – 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM 

XPloration Station Stars

Xploration Station is a science-based television network consisting of several educational and informational series that air throughout the United States.  Three show hosts (information below) will be on the main stage during the after school special and hold interactive demonstrations on the main stage.  Plan on catching them on stage or visit them in their booth during the show.

XPloration Station Stars

Phillippe Cousteau – Host of Xploration Awesome Planet

Phillippe Cousteau, grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau, explores the most spectacular places – on the Earth, inside the Earth, and above the earth – in this riveting earth science series.

Steve Spangler – Host of Xploration DIY Sci

Host Steve Spangler, Ellen Show Regular, shows viewers how to conduct amazing science experiments in their own homes!  Steve explores a different science concept each episode, using everyday items for his fun experiences – proving that anyone can be a scientist.

IEmily Calandrelli – Host of Xploration Outer Space

Host Emily Calandrelli, MIT Engineer and astronautics expert takes viewers on incredible journey through space.  She visits various NASA facilities, private space companies, and interviews space experts in search of answers about our universe.

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